What is Bandwidth

Bandwidth is a calculated value or the calculation of the consumption of telecommunications data transfer is calculated in units of bits per second or bps commonly abbreviated that occurs between the client computer and the server computer in a certain time in a computer network.

Own bandwidth to be allocated to a computer in the network and it will affect the speed of data transfer in a computer network so that the greater the bandwidth in computer networks so the faster data transfer speeds that can be done by the client and the server.

In a computer network is divided into 2 Bandwidth, There are Bandwidth digital and analog. Here is an explanation of each Bandwidth is:
  • Digital Bandwidth is the amount or volume of the data (in units of bits per second / bps) that can be transmitted through a communication channel without distortion.
  • Analog Bandwidth is the difference between the lowest frequency and the highest frequency in a frequency range that is measured in Hz (hertz) to determine the amount of information that can be transmitted in a while.

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