Fungsi Smartart dan Chart pada microsoft office word

Pengertian dan gambaran Smartart dan Chart Pada menu illustration di Microsoft Office Word 2007 - Seperti artikel sebelumnya, artikel ini masih membahas tentang komponen yang berada di bagian Illustration dalam menu Insert. Sebagian orang yang menggunakan word pasti sudah sering memakai komponen ini untuk membuat gambar graphic. Untuk melihat lebih rinci, berikut ini admin memberikan penjelasan dan juga gambaran dari 2 komponen Ilustrasi yaitu Smartart dan juga chart, semoga dengan artikel ini kita bisa lebih paham dalam penggunaan Microsoft Word :

  • Smartart = mempunyai fungsinya menyisipkan ataupun menampilkan diagram ataupun bagan pada lebar kerja anda (document). Seperti diagram Process, Cycle, Hierachy, Relationship, Matrix, Pyramid. 
  • Chart = Berfungsi untuk menyisipkan atau menampilkan chart wizard untuk pembuatan Graphic di document anda. ada berbagai macam chart yaitu Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area, X Y (Scatter), Stock, Surface, Doughnut, Bubble dan juga rada. 
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Fungsi Hyperlink, Bookmark, Cross-reference pada ms word

Pengertian dan kegunaan Hyperlink, Bookmark, Cross-reference Pada Menu Link di Insert Microsoft Word 2007 - Sebagaimana yang kita ketahui Link adalah Suatu acuan document atau file ke document lainnya. Untuk itu admin akan menjelaskan masing-masing fungsi dari bagian link Microsoft Word yaitu HyperLink, Bookmark dan juga Cross-Reference.
Silahkan simak posting di bawah ini untuk melihat penjalasan dan gambaran dari tiga komponen Link di atas :

  1. Hyperlink = Digunakan untuk menghubungkan suatu document kepada dokumen lainnya agar saling memberikan masukan. Dengan menggunakan acces internet anda dapat menghubungkannya.Perhatikan gambar di bawah. di dalam Menu Hyperlink terdapat bagian banyak bagian yaitu Existing File or Web Page (Mencari File dari Luar), Place in This Document, Create New Document dan juga E-mail addres.
  2. Bookmark = berfungsi untuk membuat suatu petunjuk pada halaman buku yang anda buat. Bookmark bisa juga di islahkan sebagai penyimpanan. Sangat bagus buat anda yang sering lupa.
  3. Cross-reference = Di gunakan untuk memperbarui document yang anda buat secara otomatis tanpa manual
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strengths and weaknesses of windows operating system

Windows is the operating system most frequently encountered at this time because most people are more comfortable using the Windows operating system as compared to other operating systems. Windows itself has developed very rapidly, here are some of the windows operating system that we often encounter is
Windows XP, the operating system is very good and is compatible with many applications as well as support from vendors better. Windows XP also takes up a lot of memory while never an installation so that the operating system is very light to run.
Windows Vista, the operating system is also almost the same as Windows XP but it has better graphics tapilan
Windows 7, is the development of sitem previous operations are supported by the drivers is so much easier to install.
Windows 8, is the latest operating system from windows by providing an interface that is very beautiful and better.
Of the many microsoft's operating system is a lot of advantages and disadvantages, the following are advantages of the Windows operating system:
-The familiar GUI so users more comfortable in front of a screen
device support from a better driver
Many office applications that are compatible with windows
Easy to use, since the user is already familiar with the look of windows

The Windows operating system weaknesses
-The operating system is paid
Installation is more difficult than the linux operating system
Vulnerable to virus attacks.
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Static Routing

Static routing is the type of routing is done admin / network manager to configure the network information about the destination manually. The characteristics of static routing is as follows:
-specific pathways is determined by the network administrator
filling the routing table manually by a network admin
typically used for small-scale network

The workings of the static routing there are 3 parts:
-Configure router by network admins
Routers perform routing based on information received from the routing table
Admin network using the ip route command to manually configure the router with static routing and static routing is useful to pass data packets on the network.

There are several parameters that exist in the routing, namely:
-Destination, is a purpose tools and network mask, and usually filled with / 0 for all networks
Gateway is a datagram that can be achieved through the interface
Pref. Source is the destination address of the packet and leave roter by IP address
Distance (0-255) is the distance from the router's network administrator

The advantage of using static routing
-Relieve router processor performance
No diguanakn bandwidth to exchange routing information from the table of contents at the time of delivery of the package
Static routing is more secure than dynamic routing
Static routing is immune from hackers attempt to spoof the purpose of hijacking traffic

Losses Using static routing
-The network administrator must know all the information from each router used
Can only be used for small-scale network
Admisnistrasinya fairly complicated than dynamic routing, especially if many routers must be configured manually
Prone to data entry errors when static routing is done manually.
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Server operating system

The server is a central computer that can serve all client computers connected in a network of computers. Server operating systems must have the level of security / security better than on the client computer. The following is an operating system for servers in a computer network.
1. Novell netware is an operating system developed by Novell that use multitasking corporativ system capable of running multiple services on a computer.
2. Microsoft is an operating system developed by Microsoft. These are made ​​microsoft server operating systems:
-Windows NT is an operating system for a server network that strongly supports the use of TCP / IP, IPX / SPX, IIS and other protocols.
-Windows 2000 server operating system is developed with the addition of Windows NT Active Directory is used to perform user management processes are connected in a network. Windows 2000 is also much easier installation than Windows NT.
-Windows Server 2003 is a development of previous versions by adding amenities such as Active directory with a framework that is easy to process integration between the programs used in the network, back up files in the network, and system recovery can improve network operating system that is connected automatically.
3. MAC OS is an operating system for computers used khusu Apple product memunyai high stability for computer servers. Some of the facilities provided by the MAC OS lyang include: sharing printers and files, service windows, workgroup management, update the remote server and others.
4. Linux is an operating system that does not pay so many more people are using this operating system. advantages of linux operating system can last long without having to boot within days and more secure from virus attacks.
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What is DOS Computer

The operating system is the software on the computer system. At this time the operating system on the computer is growing very rapidly since the introduction of the operating system with a text-based interface. DOS (Disk Operating System) is a text-based operating system that is rarely used at the present time because humans are more like an operating system with a graphical interface (GUI). Operadi system associated with the DOS is MS DOS (Microsoft), Novell DOS, ROM Dos, IBM PC DOS, DR DOS, Free DOS, DOS PTR, OPEN DOS, Caldera DOS and others.
DOS has the following characteristics:

  • Text-based interface or the command
  • Signs of readiness receives commands from the user called prompt
  • Single tasking which can only run one program at a time
  • Running the processor to real mode
  • Single User that can only be used by one user at a time.
Currently DOS operating system is very rare we find that most people prefer the GUI-based operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
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What is Bandwidth

Bandwidth is a calculated value or the calculation of the consumption of telecommunications data transfer is calculated in units of bits per second or bps commonly abbreviated that occurs between the client computer and the server computer in a certain time in a computer network.

Own bandwidth to be allocated to a computer in the network and it will affect the speed of data transfer in a computer network so that the greater the bandwidth in computer networks so the faster data transfer speeds that can be done by the client and the server.

In a computer network is divided into 2 Bandwidth, There are Bandwidth digital and analog. Here is an explanation of each Bandwidth is:
  • Digital Bandwidth is the amount or volume of the data (in units of bits per second / bps) that can be transmitted through a communication channel without distortion.
  • Analog Bandwidth is the difference between the lowest frequency and the highest frequency in a frequency range that is measured in Hz (hertz) to determine the amount of information that can be transmitted in a while.
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Implementation Information Technology in Library Systems

Implementation of information technology in libraries can be functionalized in various forms, among others:
  1. Penerapan teknologi informasi digunakan sebagai Sistem Informasi Manajemen Perpustakaan. Bidang pekerjaan yang dapat diintegrasikan dengan sistem informasi perpustakaan adalah pengadaan, inventarisasi, katalogisasi,  sirkulasi bahan pustaka, pengelolaan anggota, statistik dan lain sebagainya. Fungsi ini sering diistilahkan sebagai bentuk Automasi Perpustakaan.
  2. Penerapan teknologi informasi sebagai sarana untuk menyimpan, mendapatkan dan menyebarluaskan informasi ilmu pengetahuan dalam format digital. Bentuk penerapan TI dalam perpustakaan ini sering dikenal dengan Perpustakaan Digital.
The second function of the implementation of information technology can be separate or integrated in an information system depends on the ability of the software used, human resources and infrastructure of information technology equipment that supports both.

Implementation Mover Factors in Information Technology Library System 

Factors that encourage the adoption of information technology in library automation systems, among others:
  1. Ease of getting IT products
  2. Increasingly affordable prices for IT products
  3. Ability of information technology
  4. Public service demands versatile "click"
  5. Streamline and simplify the work in the library
  6. Provide better service to library users
  7. Enhance the image of the library
  8. Development of national infrastructure, regional and global

The user needs

Librarians must be able to serve the needs of such users will demand faster access to information needed from within and outside the library. Thus it is expected that the librarians proficient in the use of information technology so that they can assist library users in finding the required information.
What should be known and done by a librarian in the automated library:
  • understand the purpose and scope and elements of AP
  • understand and appreciate the importance of conducting a thorough analysis of the system before the system design plan
  • will understand and appreciate the benefits of systems analysis and design, implementation, evaluation and maintenance.
  • will understand the process of evaluating software in line with the proposal before deciding on a system
  • will understand and appreciate the importance of training for staff and their involvement in the whole process work 
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information about communication technology (Empowerment Software for Micro )

Micro-enterprise is a business with little capital capacity. Capital capacity can be defined as the amount of money, objects, and services that support daily business operations. Capacity of a small capital because of businesses of this type usually grows from the household or business of the individual businesses. So does the flow of external funds micro-enterprises have the capacity to make a small capital.

In the business world, competition is absolutely essential and unavoidable business other than the threat of bankruptcy. Therefore all types of businesses should be able to maintain its capital and cash flow into the pulse of the business. One way is to do in the company's resource efficiency. The use of software in the enterprise can be a means of capital efficiency and competition.

Efficiency in question is the saving of human resources and labor time by human power. Savings were also accompanied by the addition of the workings of the company because of the resources that have specific capabilities and speeds that are more than human power.

Use of software for micro to say precisely when the level of efficiency comparable to that achieved with the capital for its implementation. Achievement of efficiency because of software implementation can be measured from the balance sheet. If the balance shows a positive value and vice versa then the successful implementation of the balance sheet with a negative value indicates failure of the investment. 
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