Server operating system

The server is a central computer that can serve all client computers connected in a network of computers. Server operating systems must have the level of security / security better than on the client computer. The following is an operating system for servers in a computer network.
1. Novell netware is an operating system developed by Novell that use multitasking corporativ system capable of running multiple services on a computer.
2. Microsoft is an operating system developed by Microsoft. These are made ​​microsoft server operating systems:
-Windows NT is an operating system for a server network that strongly supports the use of TCP / IP, IPX / SPX, IIS and other protocols.
-Windows 2000 server operating system is developed with the addition of Windows NT Active Directory is used to perform user management processes are connected in a network. Windows 2000 is also much easier installation than Windows NT.
-Windows Server 2003 is a development of previous versions by adding amenities such as Active directory with a framework that is easy to process integration between the programs used in the network, back up files in the network, and system recovery can improve network operating system that is connected automatically.
3. MAC OS is an operating system for computers used khusu Apple product memunyai high stability for computer servers. Some of the facilities provided by the MAC OS lyang include: sharing printers and files, service windows, workgroup management, update the remote server and others.
4. Linux is an operating system that does not pay so many more people are using this operating system. advantages of linux operating system can last long without having to boot within days and more secure from virus attacks.

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