What is DOS Computer

The operating system is the software on the computer system. At this time the operating system on the computer is growing very rapidly since the introduction of the operating system with a text-based interface. DOS (Disk Operating System) is a text-based operating system that is rarely used at the present time because humans are more like an operating system with a graphical interface (GUI). Operadi system associated with the DOS is MS DOS (Microsoft), Novell DOS, ROM Dos, IBM PC DOS, DR DOS, Free DOS, DOS PTR, OPEN DOS, Caldera DOS and others.
DOS has the following characteristics:

  • Text-based interface or the command
  • Signs of readiness receives commands from the user called prompt
  • Single tasking which can only run one program at a time
  • Running the processor to real mode
  • Single User that can only be used by one user at a time.
Currently DOS operating system is very rare we find that most people prefer the GUI-based operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
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