Smart House, House Future

Once upon a time home with a minimalist design and equipped with modern control technology may only be seen in the film or even in a dream. But now it's living smart engineering technology can be realized as long as you have the money. Upon entering the home, residents can activate all the existing hardware, after identifying themselves. Once the system recognizes the house occupants, all equipment such as lights, air conditioning, the music through the sound system or television broadcasts, will be immediately turned on instantly.

The sophistication of this house will be felt when the occupants are not at home. Residents can make the monitoring of all parts of the house by using a webcam remotely via the internet. He can do everything with just the capital of a web browser, without requiring an application or special equipment. In fact, to monitor his home he can do so through the cafe. For example, when the occupants are on vacation to the United States, he can still monitor the condition of his home in Singapore. In fact, when someone entered his home while he was at a distance and may not access the internet, then an SMS message will be sent to his cell phone informing him about the stranger in his house. The residents can then log into the LAN network at home, then people could see who had entered his house. If you do not know him, he can immediately call the police. This is supported by the eView features, ie remote monitoring facility via the internet by relying on webcam.

Home internet also makes it easy for residents to the kitchen. The process of procuring food for the kitchen can be integrated via the facilities eShopping system. For example, when hungry and want to enjoy a soft drink or a bottle of mineral water, so residents can take drinks after registering on the bar-code scanner is available. The results of the reading of bar-code will be sent to the nearest supermarket. The supermarket will note the reduced amount of food and beverages are available in the household refrigerator. Thus, if the supply of drinks or food at home or thinned out, the residents do not have to bother to buy it out of the house. He simply awaiting delivery of the goods. 
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