Nano Technology, Information Technology and Socio-cultural Impacts

For several hundred years of physics is dominated by Newton's theory which states that any substance composed of molecules and atoms and atomic nuclei are massive. The more massive atom cell of a substance, the more solid substance. So that there was variation in the density of substances, ranging from gas, liquid to solid. Included in the solid objects that are very hard as a rock and hard rock to the crack, let alone described as liquid or gas.

But in recent decades has seen a revolution in physics, namely the discovery of kwantum physics, which states that the atomic nucleus can be described and explained again, so that eventually only consist of a collection of dynamic energy only. According to this theory, the atomic nuclei themselves like grain versus wine versus the whole world. So with this kwantum physics paradigm, any objects that can be described as crowded as if we could decipher the atomic nucleus.

Another impact is the possible discovery of physics kwantum transformation technology development of optical stimuli into digital impulses that can be transmitted through telecommunication channels and / or radio waves so that the pictures, documents and so forth can be shipped to worldwide via satellite in seconds with a very low price (ie fax, internet) which is the trigger of the next revolution, namely in the field of information technology. In the future, there is a possibility that sent the package objects, even humans.

Facilities sms (short massage service) on mobile phones, for example, is very influential on the declining number of postal delivery Eid greeting cards and Christmas. Internet facility enables reading from the U.S. magazine Newsweek on the same day in Asia, and the KOMPAS from the Jakarta newspaper, published in conjunction with local versions.  

On the other hand, science and technology revolution also raises new issues, especially regarding the social and cultural norms. Advanced information technologies, such as allowing children to access pornography via the internet or mass politics opened a blind sites that contain no incitement and provocation could be censored at all. 
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