information about communication technology (Empowerment Software for Micro )

Micro-enterprise is a business with little capital capacity. Capital capacity can be defined as the amount of money, objects, and services that support daily business operations. Capacity of a small capital because of businesses of this type usually grows from the household or business of the individual businesses. So does the flow of external funds micro-enterprises have the capacity to make a small capital.

In the business world, competition is absolutely essential and unavoidable business other than the threat of bankruptcy. Therefore all types of businesses should be able to maintain its capital and cash flow into the pulse of the business. One way is to do in the company's resource efficiency. The use of software in the enterprise can be a means of capital efficiency and competition.

Efficiency in question is the saving of human resources and labor time by human power. Savings were also accompanied by the addition of the workings of the company because of the resources that have specific capabilities and speeds that are more than human power.

Use of software for micro to say precisely when the level of efficiency comparable to that achieved with the capital for its implementation. Achievement of efficiency because of software implementation can be measured from the balance sheet. If the balance shows a positive value and vice versa then the successful implementation of the balance sheet with a negative value indicates failure of the investment. 
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