Distance Learning Program

With the limitations of subject and education facilities in Indonesia, distance education via the internet to be attractive to the lyrics. This discussion course will run in the middle distance education controversy that has developed in the community, both in terms of its implementation, authentication of students, as well as quality assurance, in addition there are also many advantages, such as cost-effective, and others

There are a few tips to consider before you decide to take distance education, namely:
  • Select a school in alliance with a university that already has a pretty name, 
  • Look at the programs offered and the subjects / modules are provided, if as expected,
  • Note the scoring system and the way teaching and learning, whether students can easily access the given tasks quickly and can interact with the tutor or lecturer of the courses taken,
  • Note the type of diploma granted,
  • Consider whether such costs would be met by prospective students. Do not get in the way you were not able to complete the study because the cost involved is not enough. Account the other costs that must be paid to the learning process, such as Internet access fees, the cost of compulsory purchase of literature, etc.. Remember, if you take a course or courses of foreign literature is needed is a means of foreign literature. This fee is not cheap considering the exchange rate we are increasingly slumped lately.
  • Be prepared with the language barrier. If you take the remote schools abroad that in fact the language of the prologue is a foreign language, then you need a sufficient mastery of foreign languages. But if you managed to pass, at least you'll have the advantage of the mastery of foreign languages.
Distance education programs offered lot. In Indonesia you can take courses at the Terbuka University (UT), which can be accessed through http://www.ut.ac.id. Unfortunately these programs are mostly offered less diverse, less certain programs that can only be taken by graduates of teacher education schools, or who now work as educators. Faculty at the Faculty, FISIP, FEKON, and Guidance and Counseling. Costs and requirements needed to pursue education at UT was not listed in the UT website.  

You can also take distance learning courses abroad, eg in the United States. It's good to check the website first distance education accreditation America, namely in http://www.detc.org. On the website you can read a list of universities that are accredited by the competent authority for the distance education program. The program offered is very diverse, and many programs are also strange. Regular courses offered such as bachelor of Sience, bachelor of bussiness, master of human resource management, phylosophy, e-commerce, etc.. While the program which includes rare in Indonesia in the sense that we have never come across such a program, for example: diamontologyst (the science of diamonds), Graduate Jeweler, diamond grading, training in hypnosis and hypnoterapy, etc.. Distance learning for the Blind are also present, they present the course material in braille. To obtain more detailed information should be read in the FAQ (Frequent Ask Questions) of the website. 
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