Learning Evaluation System of National End Stage (EBTANAS) are less effective in Indonesia

Implementation of the National Final Evaluation of Learning During This Phase

Before the authors discuss the above problems, the authors need to explain that the National Evaluation of Learning End-Stage EBTANAS use acronyms. In the discussion over the implementation of this author EBTANAS EBTANAS emphasis on elementary schools, although did not rule on the issue EBTANAS in general.

Above has been explained that the public views the quality of a school seen from danem (Pure Ebanas Value List) graduate school. Thus all schools competed in every way to get high danem. The way the path taken through a healthy and less healthy. Roads such as gives it a healthy addition to learning or lessons, try out EBTANAS and so on.

Various efforts unhealthy EBTANAS is what causes the system less effective. Less effective does not mean ineffective. Some interesting events around the implementation of EBTANAS include for example:

  1. Teachers indoctrinate their students for mutual cooperation in solving the problem EBTANAS. Teachers also are good at indoctrinating their students in order to help provide answers to his friends, giving rise to anxiety in students who are good at it.
  2. Teachers organize their students a seat in such a way, so easy to help students who are good students who are less intelligent.
  3. School or teacher to answer questions through a secret hole, WC, and so forth.
  4. EBTANAS high school exam that leak, as happened in Jakarta.
The ways mentioned above clearly affect the outcome EBTANAS and have a very negative impact on students who are less lazy and do not want to try to improve learning, because they feel protected from the teacher.

There are also schools that teachers want a democratic and fair process of learning to walk in, there is no doctrine to students, and students also did not want indoctrinated. It turned out that the school always gets in the acquisition danem renking lower middle at the district level, with an average of between 33 sd danem 35 to chart the state of normal students. But strangely democratic school graduates who had been his teacher, after the junior high value is always superior, even outperformed the students of the school danemnya average of 40. From this it is evident that the manipulation of the implementation of EBTANAS it can not be used measure of student quality standards. And this is proof that the system is less effective EBTANAS.

system is also less effective due to the material tested in the EBTANAS not exhaustive. Although for the other subjects already ebta, but has not won the trust of the community, as tested by teachers from the school itself.

The Government has given the green light to pass students who are not poor morale. But in this case the school principal is in doubt for students who do not pass the moral is not good, especially in elementary school.

Implementation Evaluation of End-Stage Learning to Expect

To further streamline EBTANAS as a valid evaluation system will need to be among other efforts such as:
  1. Randomization held the seat from three to five schools that berdekataan the superintendent of schools other than those randomized. So there are no businesses that can reduce the actual EBTANAS purposes.
  2. Subjects tested in EBTANAS must be thorough, so the results EBTANAS truly reflect all of the learning process at a school level.
  3. In addition needed to be uniformity in assessing students' attitudes in the attitude scale, the physical evidence for students, teachers, and parents regarding students' everyday attitudes, and used for determination Guiding the students' graduation.
  4. Required for teachers in this school and Principal not hesitate to pass students who are not moral is not well with the physical evidence above.
It is expected students will eventually realize that the school is really selective in giving kelulusaan to their students. And in the end the students will try to change his attitude is not good.
Through the various steps will provide added value for EBTANAS system, that still felt less effective.


EBTANAS systems that have gained the trust of the community, need to reform and improve both the technical implementation, maintenance of its purity, and the confidentiality of the manuscript, and should be expanded in scope, which covers all subjects. So EBTANAS really describe the quality of students or output (graduates) of a school.

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